Editorial boards

What is the Editorial Board's role ?

  • Our Editorial Board is represented by multidisciplinary and multicultural members.
  • We count 10 nationalities and speak 15 languages
  • Our work areas in ophthalmic optics are: research, innovation, strategy, medical relations, education, communication
  • Our role is to define relevant themes and approve content proposals for each new magazine 
  • We recruit peer-recognized experts throughout the world and seek for multidisciplinary balance of authorship
  • We insure global and local relationship with authors, KOLs, journalists, spoke persons, academicians. 
  • Our contact is : pointsdevue@essilor.com
  • Our head office is based in Paris / France : Essilor - Points de Vue - 147 Rue de Paris, 94227 Charenton-le-Pont, France.

The Editorial Board is composed of the following members.

Editorial Board

Chee bing Christopher
Chee Bing
Christopher Ng
Head of the International Vision Academy and professional services,
Essilor AMERA

Maralen Busche
Head of Product Marketing,
Essilor Germany
Laura de Yñigo
Laura de Yñigo
Varilux Institute Director, 
Essilor Spain
William Harris
Willam Harris
Project Manager, KOLs and Professional Relations, 
Essilor International
Andy Hepworth
BSc (hons), FBDO, Head of Professional Relations, 
Essilor UK
Eva Lazuka-Nicoulaud
Associate Director, KOLs and Professional Relations, 
Essilor International
Dominique Meslin
Director of Professional Relations and Technical Affairs,
Essilor Europe
Howard B. Purcell
OD, FAAO, Senior Vice President, Customer Development Group,
Essilor of America
Alain Riveline
Corporate Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing,
Essilor International
Annie Rodriguez
Director of Vision Health,
Essilor France
Rod Tahran
OD, FAAO, Vice President, Professional Relations,
Essilor of America
Louise Tanguay
Special Projects, Optical Schools and Events Professional Relations,
Essilor Canada
Tim Thurn
Director of Professional Services,
Essilor Australia and New Zealand
Charles-Éric Poussin
Director of Marketing and Communication,
Essilor Latin America
Lily Peng Zhang
Technical Standard Manager,
Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., LTD